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Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Solutions

Architectural lighting can quite literally transform a building’s exterior or interior. On the exterior, eye-catching grandeur can be achieved by elegantly lighting up a building’s façade or by adding some fun and colour to more modern buildings. Creatively lit interiors can also add style and atmosphere to rooms, and architectural statement pieces (for example in an office reception area) can be beautifully brought to life with a well-executed lighting design. We have many ideas and solutions when it comes to this kind of bespoke lighting.

Pairing a client’s design vision with a lighting system that fits their needs can often be a challenge. Fortunately, our in-house design team loves a challenge! We understand that there is a reason behind every design decision and engineering consideration. These details need to be realised exactly and if what’s required doesn’t exist, we’ll seek a solution and make it. One recent example involved a customer who required several 25m-long rows of extruded trunking lighting but was concerned about potential light bleed at the joins. We designed plates and an easy locking mechanism to avoid light bleed as well as one continuous diffuser so that the lights look like a single continuous fitting with very even output.

As well as an in-house design team, LED Direct has both local and international manufacturing facilities. This gives us the capacity to create truly unique lighting features as well as produce them in bulk if necessary. Whether it is a one-off design or a bulk order, we can always assure our customers that the products will meet LED Direct’s high standards of quality and consistency.

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