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Car Park / Fire Stairs

Car Park / Fire Stairs

Car Parks & Fire Stairs Solutions

Car parks (including basement garages) are one of our specialities as demonstrated by the range of products we have developed and adapted (high bays, vapour proof units, optional sensor systems), and our use of variable lenses to provide effective beam control with ultra-low power consumption. Our goal when lighting car parks is to achieve uniform illumination throughout the space which is important for personal safety reasons as well as accident avoidance. Our sensor-controlled light management systems (activated by light availability, weather and motion sensors) are a proven means of reducing operating cost. Many of our clients (including major buildings such as 111 Pacific Highway in Sydney) report an 85% savings on electricity after having our new LED lighting systems installed in their car park, with a return on investment in less than two years. These systems are also practically maintenance-free saving our clients on running costs as well.

When it comes to fire stairs, building/strata managers are required to submit Emergency Lighting Certificates to local councils on a 6-monthly basis. This often results in units being replaced when it is usually just the battery that needs replacing. With our VP2 battery back-up and vapour proof emergency lights, changing the battery is a simple process with significant cost benefits. Manufactured in high quality polycarbonate for extra strength and durability, these tough, weatherproof, anti-corrosive lights are built to last.

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