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Commercial / Residential

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It’s no surprise that in recent years more and more homes and businesses have been switching to LED lighting. LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting option available today, consuming 80% less power than incandescent bulbs and 75% less than halogen bulbs. They also last longer – an LED light has a life of up to 50 000 hours (that’s 5 years!) which is 40 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Another advantage is that they run significantly cooler than other bulbs, which not only increases their longevity but also makes them the ideal choice for many applications where heat is an issue. Of course, all of this means less stress on the wallet and the environment.

Whether it is a home, a shop, a company premises or the communal areas of a strata block, replacing existing old technology lighting with more efficient and effective LED alternatives can slash running costs. For example (as many body corporates are now aware), lighting can account for up to 90% of the common property energy bill, so when it comes to lighting corridors, foyers, car parks and fire stairs it really is worth switching to a cost-effective alternative. With energy prices on the increase, switching to LED makes economic sense, but there are other benefits as well, such as alleviating OH&S concerns with improved lighting, addressing the devaluation of buildings due to poor lighting, and using a technology that supports functions such as dimming and sensor activation (which come with their own safety and cost-saving benefits).

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