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Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Landscape Solutions

When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting, LED Direct has a wide variety of options, including accent lights, spotlights, path lights, tree lights, in-ground lights and more. All the products are manufactured using only the finest materials such as die-cast bronze, copper, stainless steel and heavy cast aluminium. Our LED outdoor spotlights are made from die-cast bronze and come with a range of different finishes, wattage strengths and beam angles. To illuminate the exteriors and doorways to buildings such as restaurants and shops, we supply a range of gooseneck lights (made from weatherproofed aluminium). Wall lights (for indoors and outdoors) are a classy way to light hallways or any outdoors areas. Hanging tree lights can really add a magical quality to a garden, as well as being a stylish way to light up outdoor tables. Path lights are important for safety reasons, but also add to the overall ambience of a garden. Accent lights add wonderful drama to a garden by illuminating certain trees or shrubs or any other features. Step lights are used mainly for low-level lighting to illuminate things like steps, patios and decks. In-ground lights are another effect way to emphasise architectural features, facades and items like sculptures, and underwater lights are perfect for enhancing the beauty of ponds and other water features.

By blending the low-cost, low maintenance advantages of LED lighting with hard-wearing, weather-resistant materials, our range of outdoor lighting products provide the perfect solution to all the landscape lighting requirements you could possibly imagine.

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