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Office Lights

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When it comes to offices, LED Direct has provided lighting systems for some of the most prestigious buildings in the Sydney CBD. These include the Deutsche Bank Building, in which we had to match existing luminaires with an LED system that would drastically reduce the building’s lighting costs, and 135 King Street which involved creating a newly-designed luminaire with a striking design that would meet all the necessary criteria. The lighting requirements of offices depends very much on the type of work being done in those offices. LED Direct offers a wide and varied range of options including everything from track lights, panel lights, truncated lights (which can be surface mounted or suspended), troffer lights and more – all of which come with their own features and advantages, specifically designed to suit different spaces and applications.

By working closely with our customers, we are able to design and develop a lighting system that suits the specific needs of a particular space. LED Direct always discusses the customer’s needs in detail and provides a “Solution Planner” to fully explain all the costs and benefits. With this Solution Planner, our customers receive all the important information they need, such as a full cost and savings breakdown (including a return on investment forecast), an accurate estimate of the expected carbon emissions reduction, and assurances that all recommended light levels (illuminance) will be met. For this we use the Relux calculation and design tool which helps with important decisions regarding LED wattage, unit type and temperature (warm, cool or bright).

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