VP4-20DS (20 Watt 4ft Sensor)

The VP4 4ft Vapour Proof LED Light is an IP65 Tri-proof, weatherproof and anti-corrosive luminaire. Both the case and the diffuser are manufactured in high-quality polycarbonate to provide extra strength and durability. As standard the fitting is supplied with Poly- carbonate Clips but stainless steel is also available as an option. The VP4 20, with its wide even spread of light, is suitable for illuminating multi-storey car parks, food processing areas, workshops, tunnels, railway stations, cold stores and many other applications that are subject to moist or dusty environments.

The VP4-20D combines the above functionality together with an inbuilt microwave sensor to dim the unit as required, as standard it is supplied to dim to 10w, thus optimising energy efficiency and control.


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