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AMA House, Sydney – Strata Upgrade

AMA House, Sydney – Strata Upgrade

AMA House - St Leonards
Led Direct were initially awarded just the car park and common areas as the fire stairs were already done with a competitors product. 5 years on LED Direct units are still performing well and we are replacing the fire stairs as they are all failing.

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Job details

Application: Car Park, Common Area & Fire Stairs.
250 units installed in 2013.

Our client, AMA NSW at AMA House St Leonards, Sydney has passed 5 years of operation after switching to LED Direct’s 40w vapour-proof units. These units are fitted with Meanwell drivers, for use in the building’s carpark. A recent survey found only 2 units not working out of a five-year operation. These units were fixed at minimal cost. The LEDS show very little sign of wear.

The replacement of 132 x T8 fluorescent lights with 132 x 40 watt vapour-proof LED units have not only saved AMA NSW on high maintenance costs. The project achieved an ROI of 2.1 years in addition to an 82% reduction in electricity costs. We would like to congratulate AMA NSW on their continued success with their switch to environmentally-friendly and efficient LED lighting from LED Direct Solutions.


Electricity and maintenance cost savings gave a 1.7 year return on investment.

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