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Our LED lighting units come in many different shapes and sizes – downlights, floodlights, streetlights, high bay lights, office lights, panel lights, emergency lights, to name only a few. The advantage of this is that each lighting system can be adapted so that it works for the situation required.


The lighting requirements of offices depend very much on the type of work being done in those offices. By working closely with our customers, we are able to design and develop a lighting system that will suit the specific needs of that space.


Replacing existing old technology lighting in the communal areas of a strata block with more efficient and effective LED alternatives can slash a building’s running costs. Lighting can account for up to 90% of the common property energy bill so when it comes to lighting corridors, foyers, car parks and fire stairs it really is worth switching to a cost-effective alternative.


We have developed our industrial lighting products over many years and now have a range of options to cater for the varying requirements in different areas. For example, we have developed variable lenses that are suitable for a variety of heights and different applications such as lighting open areas and racks. This, coupled with our sensor knowledge, provides our customers with maximum light levels at minimum costs.


Architectural lighting can, quite literally, transform a building’s exterior or interior. On the exterior, eye-catching grandeur can be achieved by elegantly lighting up a building’s façade or by adding some fun and colour to more modern buildings. Creatively-lit interiors can also add style and atmosphere to rooms and architectural statement pieces (for example an office reception area) can be beautifully brought to life with a well-executed lighting design. We have many ideas and solutions when it comes to this kind of bespoke lighting.


Car parks are one of our specialities as demonstrated by the range of products we have developed and adapted (high bays, vapour proof units, optional sensor systems), and our use of variable lenses to provide effective beam control with ultra-low power consumption.


Building/strata managers are required to submit Emergency Lighting Certificates to local councils on a 6-monthly basis. This often results in units being replaced when it is often just the battery that needs replacing. With our VP2 battery back-up and Vapour Proof emergency lights, changing the battery is a simple process with significant cost benefits.


The inherent adaptability of LED lighting coupled with our design experience means we are able to come up with solutions that are out of the ordinary. This may include aquatic lighting or cabinet/display case lighting (possible because they run so cool). We consider lighting different spaces as a welcome challenge and we are more than happy to discuss individual projects that require some ‘thinking out the box’ and innovative design.

All lights are not equal!

With our quality products (which include a 5 year warranty)
LED Direct are on a mission to prove this.